Monthly Archives: October 2017

Life Estate Deeds

What is a life estate deed? The short answer is a life estate deed separates ownership of real property between two different parties.  Often, but not always, the parties are the parents or one parent, and a child or more than one child, and sometimes grandchildren.   One party gets life time use of the property and...
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Wrongful Death Actions

If someone dies in a car accident and he is not at fault, who receives the insurance settlement monies, the people named in the will or the heirs-at- law? The proceeds of a wrongful death action are paid to the statutory wrongful death beneficiaries or the intestate heirs.  This is often the spouse and children, with...
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Discussing Long Term Care with Parents

Things are changing for my parents and I feel I need to address early care and monetary issues with my siblings when they visit from out of state at Christmas.  How do I begin? I am a big advocate for elders maintaining independence and acting on their own as long as possible.  However, some elders delay...
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