“We can’t thank you enough for referring us to Linda (Knapp).  She is the SHARPEST lawyer we have ever met and a pleasure to work with.  Rest assured we will tout her to anyone we meet from here on in who is in need of her expertise.  We can indeed understand how she earned all the awards we see in her office.  She’s WONDERFUL!”


Eleanor Krisch, Aiken,

“Attorney Knapp is awesome. We didn’t know where to turn for really knowledgeable legal information, but now we do. I know she has my back on the legal issues facing my family and even made a home visit so my disabled husband could make revisions to his estate documents.”

Deborah Collins, North Augusta, SC,

“ I read Attorney Knapp’s column Boomer Briefings every month in the Mature Times and felt secure in her knowledge and understanding of the law. She was concerned for my welfare following my husband’s death, before we addressed legal matters. She is caring and professional.”

Marie Steier, Aiken, SC,

“This was my first time working with an attorney and it was a good experience. Attorney Knapp is friendly and explained things in terms I could understand. I know I can call her with any question, she’ll take the time to call me back and just talk.”

Finace Bush, Jackson, SC,