I am planning to travel abroad with friends, not family. I have a living will and a health care power of attorney naming my daughter as my agent. Are these documents still valid in another country?

Probably your health care power of attorney (hereinafter HCPOA) will be valid, but it may be difficult to reach your agent.  I suggest you name a traveling companion as a co-agent or alternate agent to act only when your daughter can’t be reached, but having all the same authority and discretion to make decisions on...
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Guns and Dementia

Q. My elderly father is often confused and agitated.  I am concerned because he has loaded guns in the house.  What can I do? A. Short of bringing a protective or guardianship action, I suggest you consider addressing the matter with your father’s doctor.   Possibly you have a health care power of attorney for your Dad...
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Digital Assets

Q. Any updates on how a fiduciary accesses digital assets? A. South Carolina passed the Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act in 2016 which gives agents under a duly authorizing power of attorney, or a trustee, personal representative and conservator (ie. legal fiduciaries) access to a person’s online accounts, correspondence and other computer files, if...
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