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What is Standard Visitation?

Each judge decides for him or herself what visitation is appropriate given the circumstances of the case. Standard visitation refers to every other weekend with provisions for one week at Christmas, time at spring break and Thanksgiving, 2-4 weeks during the summer, exchanging major holidays like July 4th and Labor Day, and time at birthdays and...
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I’m separated, but plan on divorcing. When should I change my estate documents?

Separation, unlike divorce itself, poses unique estate planning prob- lems because living separate and apart does not in and of itself create a situation where the estranged spouse would be unable to file an elective share. Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Senator John Edwards of North Carolina, passed away on December 7, 2010. She was sepa-rated,...
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I have grown children from my first marriage and want to protect them financially if I remarry.

Although I think I have met Mr. Right, should I consider a pre-nup? Yes, a pre-nup could be just what you need especially if you combine it with other appropriate estate documents after the wedding. Talk with an attorney knowledgeable in both areas of the law so you know the basic pre-nupial requirements for your state...
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