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Q. I believe my adult mentally challenged brother is not receiving proper care in the residential facility and his doctor records should support this. I tried reporting things the direct way, but there was no improvement. I want to put a camera with a recording device in his room to document the problem. What...
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Guns and Dementia

Q. My elderly father is often confused and agitated.  I am concerned because he has loaded guns in the house.  What can I do? A. Short of bringing a protective or guardianship action, I suggest you consider addressing the matter with your father’s doctor.   Possibly you have a health care power of attorney for your Dad...
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Wrongful Death Actions

If someone dies in a car accident and he is not at fault, who receives the insurance settlement monies, the people named in the will or the heirs-at- law? The proceeds of a wrongful death action are paid to the statutory wrongful death beneficiaries or the intestate heirs.  This is often the spouse and children, with...
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