Covid 19

Others are working to deal with the COVID-19 Virus. The Knapp Law Firm, PC, is too.
In these cautious times, we are taking steps to maintain a good client experience and that includes your health and safety. Our law office availability is changing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Rest assured, we are operational and firmly focused on helping our clients through the COVID-19 pandemic.
As a result, we are now offering telephone and web conference meetings instead of having to meet in person for a consultation. It’s EASY! We invite you to call us today for your phone or online appointment.

We have attempted to address some of the common questions we are receiving about how COVID-19 might change our services.

Please read through the questions and answers below.

Are both your offices open? Yes, but we are encouraging scheduling web conference or phone meetings in lieu of face-to-face meetings strictly for the purposes of keeping you and our employees safe as we all work together to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We’ve all heard the precautions from the government and medical authorities calling for us to minimize the amount of time we spend together, sharing pens, handshakes and hugs. With that guidance in mind, we are encouraging the above until further notice.

Are the courts open? For the most part NO. Continuances were imposed for most hearings and actions. This situation is fluid and we will keep litigants informed of changes as we receive them.

Should we deliver our documents to your office? We encourage you to scan your documents and email them to us to reduce face-to-face meetings as much as possible. We also accept faxes and mailed copies.

How can I review of my documents? Attorney Knapp encourages our customers to accept e-mails of the drafts of their documents in order to avoid face to face interactions and schedule a phone conference to review the same with the attorney at which time she can make revisions and resend corrected drafts to you in an email. In the event a face-to-face meeting is still required, such as for execution of estate documents before a witness and notary, an appointment will be scheduled so that we don’t have clients waiting long periods of time outside or in a reception area.

How can I pay for my services, if not in person? You can still drop off your payment in person, however, we are equipped to take credit card payments or wire transfers and can also receive checks in the mail. Our mailing address is: Knapp Law Firm PC PO Box 714 Barnwell, SC 29812