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Things are changing for my parents and I feel I need to address early care and monetary issues with my siblings when they visit from out of state at Christmas. How do I begin?

I am a big advocate for elders maintaining independence and acting on their own as long as possible.  However, some elders delay taking action and there are times when children need to intervene.  Nevertheless be mindful of your parents’ feelings when discussing and making plans concerning them. Holiday get-togethers are a good opportunity for adult children...
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My attorney suggested I consider an annuity. Can you explain some basics about annuities?

I read an interesting article in a professional publication that I think did a good job explaining the basics so I’m going to draw from the writing of NAELA Attorney Lori Parker in answering your question.  Much like dogs come in different breeds, such as poodles and labs, either can be wonderful pets if matched...
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My lawyer suggested I write a last letter to loved ones to go with my will. What kinds of things might I include?

We often follow the lives of the rich, famous and infamous on television and social media, but rarely do we take time to record our own personal beliefs, significant memories, every day experiences, and wisdom gained. Your letter will not be a full history of your life, just a brief capsule of intimate reflections you...
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