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Q. What things can be done to avoid probate? A. A simple way to avoid probate is to give away property during your lifetime. But there can be consequences because you lose control and cannot recover the item, cash or property just by asking. The new owner has to agree to return something to you or...
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Does a revocable trust replace a will? Do all assets have to go into the revocable trust? And how much do trustees typically get paid?

Living or revocable trusts are effective estate planning tools that can avoid the hassle and cost of probate and ease the transition of assets after the death of a grantor. Clients often think that because their trust contains some, if not all, of their assets, that they only need a living trust to direct...
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How does a Personal Property Memorandum work?

A Personal Property Memorandum is a separate writing in either your own hand or one typed and signed by the testator and two disinterested witnesses that addresses distribution of various items of tangible personal property and names the recipient of the gift upon the testator’s death.  The document must exist at the time of the...
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