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Can unmarried companions use a living trust to manage their joint estate planning?

Yes, in fact only the provisions of a valid will or trust, or ownership interests that are either conveyable or payable on death will work for your joint estate planning because in the absence of such planning provisions, your partner will inherit nothing from you by operation of law.   AND BEWARE if you establish a...
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How does a Personal Property Memorandum work?

A Personal Property Memorandum is a separate writing in either your own hand or one typed and signed by the testator and two disinterested witnesses that addresses distribution of various items of tangible personal property and names the recipient of the gift upon the testator’s death. The document must exist at the time of the...
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What is Bigamy?

Bigamy is when a person who was previously married and never obtained a divorce marries another person. Bigamy is a felony in the state of South Carolina. If a person is found guilty of bigamy they can be sentenced anywhere from six months to five years in prison or serve six months in prison and...
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